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20" Stretch Wrap
Our Price: $55.95

Markwell Super Deal!

* SPECIAL OFFER *G-14755A Hammer Tacker

Our Price: $23.05
This tool has been designed to use DuoFast 7500 series staples in sizes of 3/8", 1/2” and 9/16”. Compact, precision balanced for hours of one-handed fatigue-free use. Simplicity of design for long life of trouble-free operation. Non-slip handgrip. Its easy load, and dismantling ability, make it a preferred economical tool over others in common use. Uses DuoFast 7500 or Bostitch STCR5019 series staples in leg lengths up to 9/16”. Markwell offers staples similar to: DF 7512 - 3/8” STCR5019-3/8" DF 7512D – ½” DP STCR5019-3/8" Stainless steel (divergent point) STCR5019-1/2" DF 7516 - ½” STCR5019-9/16" DF 7518 - 9/16”.