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G-1055OA   * SPECIAL OFFER * G-1055OA Hammer Tacker, G-1055OA">* SPECIAL OFFER * G-1055OA Hammer Tacker
LT-5019   *SPECIAL OFFER* LT-5019 Heavy Duty Industrial Tacker, LT-5019"> *SPECIAL OFFER* LT-5019 Heavy Duty Industrial Tacker
Wrap-Force-80   17.7" X 1500 Ft. Torque Force 80 Stretch Wrap
PO20   20" Stretch Wrap
SW-3   3" Stretch Wrap (Banding Film)
34A   A34 Carton Closing Staples
58A   A58 Carton Sealing Staples
78A   A78 Carton Closing Staples
Schematics   ABC Air Boxers Schematics
ABC-A58   ABC-A Air Box Closer for A58 & A34 STAPLES
ABC-A78   ABC-A78 Air Box Closer for A78 Staples
ABC-C58   ABC-C Air Box Closer for C58 Staples
ABC-C34   ABC-C Air Boxer Closer for C34 Staples
ABC-A34   ABCC Air Box Closer for C5/8 & C3/4 Staples
ACE-CLIPPER-702   Ace Clipper 702 Plier Stapler
STCRP211514-B   B8 (STCRP2115) 1/4" Staples, Bostitch brand
BBC-C   BBC-C Pedal Operated Post Bottom Box Closer
P3   Bostitch P3 Stapling Plier
BWC04RB   BWC04RB 15 Degree Wire Coil Roundhead nails
BWC06SB   BWC06SB 15 Degree Wire Coil Roundhead Nails
34C   C34 Carton Closing Staples
58TC   C58 Carton Closing Staples
Schematics---Foot-Bottomers   Foot Bottomer Schematics
G-11   G-11 Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker
G5   G-5 Regular Straight Shoot Tacker
G7   G-7 Hog Ring Plier
M2619   G26 Outward Clinch Door (package of 2)
G26   G26 Outward Clinch Tacker
G26R   G26 Regular (Straight Shoot) Tacker
M5019   G5 Outward Clinch Door (package of 2)
G5-OC   G5 Outward Clinch Tacker
HR616   HR616 11/16" Hog Rings - Galvanized
HR616SS   HR616 11/16" Hog Rings - Stainless Steel
HSP-12   HSP-12 Staplier Plier
L3   L3 Regular Straight Shoot Tacker
L3-Air-Stapler   L3-Air Stapler
L3-CS   L3-CS Outward Clinch Tacker
L3-OCA   L3-OCA Outward Clinch Air Stapler
L3A   L3A 1/4" (6 mm) Staples
L3B   L3B 5/16" (8 mm) Staples
L3BQP   L3B 5/16" (8 mm) Staples - Quinpack
L3C   L3C 3/8" (9.5 mm) Staples
L3D   L3D 9/16" (14 mm) Staples
L3M   L3M 7/16"(11 mm) Staples
L3MF   L3MF 1/2" (12.5 mm) Staples
L4   L4 Regular Straight Shoot Tacker / Apparel Tacker
L4-CS   L4-CS Outward Clinch Tacker
L4A   L4A 1/4" (6 mm) Staples
L4A-ST   L4AST 1/4" Staples - Sabertooth (needle-point)
L4C   L4C 3/8" (9.5 mm) Staples
L4C-ST   L4CST 3/8" (9.5 mm) Staples - Sabertooth (needle-point)
L4DSS-Y   L4D 1/2" (12.5 mm) Staple - Stainless Steel (imported)
L4DSS   L4D 1/2" (12.5 mm) Staple - Stainless Steel - USA
L4D   L4D 1/2" (12.5 mm) Staples
L4D-ST   L4D-ST Staples - Sabertooth (needle-point)
A1   LT-1 Heavy Duty Tacker With 10 Boxes of 3/8" Staples
LT-1   LT-1 Heavy Duty Universal Staple Tacker
Schematics---Hand-Boxer   Manual Hand Boxers Schematics
MP6-6   Markwell MP6-6 Industrial Stapling Plier
MP6-8   Markwell MP6-8 Industrial Stapling Plier
MPL3CS   Markwell MPL3CS Stapling Plier with Sword Point Anvil
MPL3BS   MPL3 Industrial Bag Sealer Staplier Plier
MPL3   MPL3 Industrial Staplier Plier
MPL4   MPL4 Industrial Staplier Plier
MPL4M   MPL4M Industrial Raised Anvil Stapling Plier
MTC2-A58   MTC2/A Manual Box Closer for A58 Staples
MTC2-A34   MTC2/A Manual Top Box Closer for A34 Staples
MTC2-C34   MTC2/C Manual Top Closer for C34 Staples
MTC2-C58   MTC2/C Manual Top Closer for C58 Staples
P303   P303 Plastic Oil Can
P3A   P3A 1/4" (6 mm ) Staples
P3C   P3C 3/8" (9.5 mm) Staples
P3CMST   P3C 3/8" Staples - Sabertooth - Monel
P4A   P4A 1/4" (6 mm) staples
P4C   P4C 3/8" (9.5 mm) Staples
RAB-IR34   RAB/IR34 Roll Air Boxer for RR1 3/4" Staples
RAB-IR58   RAB/IR58 Roll Air Boxer for RR1 5/8" Staples
RAB-SWC34   RAB/SWC Roll Air Boxer for SWC 3/4" Staples
RAB-SWC58   RAB/SWC Roll Air Boxer for SWC 5/8" Staples
RF   RF Staples
Schematics---Roll-Air-Boxer   Roll Air Boxer Schematics
34RR1   RR1 3/4" Roll Carton Closing Staples
58RR1   RR1 5/8" Roll Carton Closing Staples
BSB10302058   SB103020 5/8" Staples
BOS-SP1914   SP1914 1/4"Staples
SP50-10B   SP50-10B Air Drive Plier Stapler
SP50-5B   SP50-5B Air Drive Plier Stapler
SR-100   SR-100 Carton Saple Remover
BSTCR261912QP   STCR2619 1/2" Staples
BSTCR261912SS   STCR2619 1/2" Staples - Stainless Steel - Made in U.S.A
BSTCR261938   STCR2619 3/8" Staples
BSTCR501912   STCR5019 1/2" Staples
STCR501938SS   STCR5019 3/8" Stainless Steel Staples
BSTCR501938   STCR5019 3/8" Staples
BSTCR5019916QP   STCR5019 9/16" Staples QP
103020C10   Stitching Wire 103x020
BSWC7437-1-34   SWC7437 3/4" Roll Carton Closing Staples
BSWC7437-1-58   SWC7437 5/8" Roll Carton Closing Staples
T-50-3/8   T-50-3/8" Fine Wire Staples
ART5038   T50/A11 3/8" Staples
KCT   Table Type Air Hog Ring Plier

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