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RF Staples MPL3 Industrial Staplier Plier LT-1 Heavy Duty Universal Staple Tacker
RF Staples
Our Price: $9.60
SP50-10B Air Drive Plier Stapler L3 Regular Straight Shoot Tacker BBC-C Pedal Operated Post Bottom Box Closer

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* SPECIAL OFFER * G-1055OA Hammer Tacker

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Our Price: $20.95
<SPAN style="COLOR: #ff0000">* SPECIAL OFFER *</SPAN> G-1055OA Hammer Tacker
This lever-actuated hammer tacker has the center of gravity near the stapling head, thus reducing the swing pressure required to drive a staple. It is rear loading, and is designed to use DuoFast 50 series type staples as follows: 508-1/4”, 5010-5/16” and 5012-3/8”. Can also be used with the following brand staples: Arrow 850, BeA 95, Prebena AB, Fasco 50 and Senco D staples, to 3/8" lentth. Weighing approximately 2.4 lbs (1.1 Kg), it has been designed for the Professional’s heavy duty use. Features: (1) All steel construction (2) Black powder coated (3) Capacity: 2 full staple strips (4) Comfort grip Tool specifications: Tool weight: 0.95 kgs (2 lbs). Staple capacity: 168 pcs (two full sticks of staples) Fasteners: Duo-Fast 5000 series staples, BeA 95, Senco D, Fasco 50 Staple Lengths: 6, 8, 10 mm (1/4", 5/16", 3/8")

Markwell Top Sellers

RR1 5/8" Roll Carton Closing Staples
Our Price: $120.00
P3C 3/8" (9.5 mm) Staples
Our Price: $19.20
ABC-C Air Box Closer for C58 Staples
Our Price: $319.00
L3B 5/16" (8 mm) Staples
Our Price: $16.65
MPL4 Industrial Staplier Plier
Our Price: $53.95